Erics Budservice AS is changing it's name to Hauer AS

Erics Budservice AS, of Ålesund, Norway, is changing its name to Hauer AS. This is to mark the fact that, after nearly 25 years of operation, the company provides more than just a delivery service, as the previous name implied.

The name Hauer means a hewer in the mines. It symbolises a well-established, quality-aware and solid company with a focus on delivering at the right time in the right way.

The company started small, with pizza deliveries back in the early 90's. Since then it has grown and grown, and is now a big player in distribution and container transport. Hauer AS is based in Ålesund, Norway, and currently operates some 40 routes.  As sub-contractor for Bring, PostNord and Kvikkas, we aim for further expansion in line with the continued growth of the transport industry. 


At the end of July, the company entered into an agreement to take over the Lars Kroken AS transport company in Åndalsnes. This included the acquisition of customers, drivers, vehicles and trailers. The base will still be the premises at Øran, and the company will carry on Lars Kroken's proud transport traditions, including its current work of sub-contracting for PostNord with some 15 vehicles.  These service transport routes to and from Eastern Norway and local transport between Åndalsnes and the three largest towns in Møre og Romsdal county.

Handover took place on 1 September 2016, and the company will continue as a separate entity under the name of Hauer Rauma AS. 

For further questions, please contact:

Eric Johansson
Tlf.: 957 05 710


Ronny Røbekk

Operations Manager

Tlf.: 917 88 787


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