Transport competitors Fafe and Hauer unite into one large company

Buy shares and invest in each other - and become one of the largest in the county - currently the only two with fair transport certification in the county

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Erics Budservice AS is changing it's name to Hauer AS

Erics Budservice AS, of Ålesund, Norway, is changing its name to Hauer AS. This is to mark the fact that, after nearly 25 years of operation, the company provides more than just a delivery service, as the previous name implied.

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Erics Budservice AS acquires the Lars Kroken AS transport company

At the end of July, agreement was reached between Lars Kroken AS of Rauma and Erics Budservice AS of Ålesund for the sale and takeover of the Lars Kroken AS transport company, based in Åndalsnes. This will take effect from Thursday 1 September this year.

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